Sunday, 7 May 2017

2017 NBA Playoffs live streaming in TV Channels

NBA Finals 2017
NBA Finals 2017

Watch your favorite NBA Playoffs on TV Channels live. Along with the some regional sports networks, National channels will broadcast the first round of the NBA Playoffs 2017.

ESPN, TNT, ABC and NBA TV will host the NBA Playoffs 2017.

For First and Second round, TNT, ESPN, ABC and NBA TV will broadcast the games. For Conference Finals, TNT and ESPN will broadcast and for the NBA Finals, ABC will be the host channel.

First and Second round

TNT: Saturday through Thursday

ESPN: Mostly Friday and Saturday (some of the games of Second round in Thursdays)
ABC: Selected Saturday and Sunday games only. ABC is for usually in the afternoon
NBA TV: Selected weekday games only.

Conference Finals

TNT: Eastern Conference Finals
ESPN: Western Conference Finals

NBA Finals

NBA Finals for the 2017 edition, ABC TV Channel will host.